Florian Fire Consulting

Florian Fire Consulting, how it was started and who are the people behind the brand of Florian.

Florian Fire Consulting (then Florian Protective Services) started in the late fall of 2012 by myself (Adam Stuckey) and a colleague of mine (to remain unanimous) from the start of my time at Oklahoma State University in the fire protection program. Our initial intentions were to provide a fire consulting service to municipalities throughout the State of Oklahoma. It was actually my colleague who had the idea of starting up the company, and he hit me with the idea, and from there is was started. It was also my colleague who gave the company its original name Florian Protective Services. It wasn't until this year 2019 that I decided to change it to Florian Fire Consulting to better define whom we are as a company and what our ultimate mission is. My goal is when people are speaking on the topic of fire protection and Florian is mentioned, it will be my company that they are speaking of. While the name might change after Florian in the future again, the brand and logo will not, with the hope people associated within the fire protection world will instantly recognize the Florian brand/logo. So back to the start of Florian, I have always been the student to my colleague, to where he has helped me when I was a college student and interned underneath him, to the phone calls and emails with him giving me guidance. We have always worked together within the world of fire protection, and he has taught and helped me a lot, and of which I will always be grateful for. So it was a sad moment when about a month or two within the start of Florian he had to step aside, as he received a new career opportunity he could not turn down. I do hope one day down the road we will get to work together again and continue on this journey we had tried to start.

So now to what Florian as and what our overall mission is. Florian started out with doing fire protection plan reviews for municipalities, which then led to doing compliance inspections for the municipalities. From there Florian expanded into doing fire alarm design for fire alarm companies, and now our latest endeavor has taken us into fire sprinkler design for fire sprinkler companies. The fire sprinkler design has been a bigger adjustment then what I though it would be, and I am continuing to relearn the art of designing fire sprinkler systems. I have to say I appreciate the patience I have been awarded by the fire sprinkler contractors I have been able to work with. With the expansion has come a larger work load, and one I can say I was not quite ready for, but after long, late hours through the night I was able to reach the point of being able to hire a part-time employee. He is a full time firefighter, and on his off day from the fire station works a second job at Florian. He also graduated from the fire protection program at Oklahoma State, and is coming up to speed fast. I hope that Florian will be able to continue to hire more people throughout the next couple years and keep the vision of Florian going.

As to who I am and where I came from. I grew up in a small blue collar town of Southwest Wisconsin, called Wauzeka with a population of 500. Growing up the area was known for dairy farms, but over the 20 years since graduating high school, it has changed due to economical changes in our country. My parents who are now retired ran a 3rd generation small town grocery store, while raising myself and my two sisters who still reside in Wisconsin. It was there in that small town that I learned my work ethic, between working at the grocery store, to helping farmers in the hay mound during the hay season, to working construction with a local home builder. I owe a lot to those people and hope to one day show my appreciation to that small town. I graduated high school and enrolled in the fire science program at Madison Area Technical College with the hopes of becoming a firefighter. I graduated from MATC with an associates degree in fire science, and started applying at fire departments who were hiring full-time. After realizing the process was no easy task, I decided I needed a backup plan until I was able to get on a fire department. I did some research and decided the fire protection/safety engineering technology program at Oklahoma State University was what I needed to do. I graduated from OSU in May of 2006, and move to a suburb of Chicago. While there I worked for a fire alarm company designing fire alarm systems, and was also a full-time firefighter for the same city that I did an internship with in their fire prevention department while at OSU. After 2 1/2 years in Chicago I decided that moving back to Oklahoma was going to be in my best interest and where my wife and I wanted to raise our family. After moving back to Oklahoma City I worked for a fire protection company doing fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and clean agent design. I was there for almost 2 years when I landed on a fire department as a full-time firefighter. After a year of being on the fire department I started working a 2nd job and designed fire sprinkler and fire alarm for the same company, and did that until Florian was started in 2012. So as of now I am still a full-time firefighter and also operating Florian.

I probably could of went into further details but I really don't like talking about myself, and it also is probably a boring story in the first place. Thank you for your time, and I hope this gives a good background of who we are at Florian. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact me at anytime